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Vapable Kratom

You've waited...We've delivered. 

The first ever (successful) vapable Kratohm.

Take all the extra stress out of drink making and on the go dosing. 


Is Kratom safe?

Kratom has served as a miracle plant, saving the lives of thousands of people who have suffered from severe physical pains, opiod addiction and depression.


The major controversies around Kratom come from the fact that the industry remains unregulated. Sadly, many brands of Kratom do not take precautions to ensure their products are clean and free from synthetic additives, harmful chemicals, heavy metals and even worse, laced with other substances.


We have taken time to go through high refined processes that eliminate the risks of ingesting any harmful and unwanted additives.

We bring you pure, quality, vapable Kratom. 

Please note that Kratom is a potent medicine that should be used with caution and never taken in combination with other substances. Only for ages 21+ 

Why vape Kratom?

Vaping Kratom is NOT the same as drinking Kratom brewed tea or even Kratom whole leaf extract capsules.


By inhaling Kratom, you are sending the active components straight into your blood stream.

Effects can be felt immediately with a full onset average of about 20 minutes.


Unlike traditional Kratohm drinks, you won't be left wondering how hard it's going to hit you or be surprised at how long it may take to be felt.

Have peace of mind, knowing you can control your doses on the go and gradually increase you dose if desired.

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7-Hydroxy Mitragynine Alkaloid

While research has discovered the presence of over 40 different Kratom alkaloids, the main 2 are Mitragynine and 7-Hyrdroxy Mitragynine. 

Contrary to some beliefs, mitragynine does not rely on the metabolism of 7-Hydroxy to produce pain relieving effects.

7-hydroxy alone holds a higher risk for dependency issues. Knowing this, some manufacturers have altered their Kratom products to contain much higher levels of 7-Hydroxy Mitragynine in attempts to get consumers hooked.

The Florida Kratom Consumer Protection Act prohibits any Kratom product to contain 2% or more of the 7-Hydroxy alkaloid. 

Check out our lab work and you'll find the 7-Hydroxy levels to be ND.


This means our vapable Kratom is potentially safer than other Kratom products on the market, while still achieving desired effects.

Science and Research

Scientists from University of Florida have been leading the way in Kratom research.


The kratom alkaloids may support the claims made by patients taking kratom for the self-management of numerous diseases such as pain, depression, anxiety and opioid withdrawal.

Learn more from Kratom Scientist and expert, Dr. Chris McCurdy below. 

Science Lab
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